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It all started with one rolling pin


For years I have made my living as a woodturner producing parts in high-end custom furniture shops for clients throughout the world.  Though my work has reached as far away as Rome and New Zealand, I had never fully explored turning that was not for fine furniture. One year I turned my wife a rolling pin as a birthday gift and our friends and family could not stop raving about it.  A little searching quickly showed me that you simply cannot find a well-crafted rolling pin in stores anymore.  And so it began…

Hub City Woodcraft is a family owned and operated business located in the mountains of central Utah. Our shop in Mt Pleasant, affectionately nicknamed “Hub City,” is where we craft everything we sell- by hand, in the traditional way. Many companies claim to have handmade goods but the reality is there is no legal definition of what constitutes handmade.  For some companies “handmade” means nothing more than that an employee loads a robotic lathe by hand and wipes a coat of oil on the mass produced units after unloading them.

Not in Hub City.

It begins with the finest North American hardwoods– Hard Sugar Maple, Curly Hard Maple, Cherry, Figured Cherry, and Black Walnut. Every piece of wood is carefully selected by hand, chosen for its stunning grain and color, before being mounted in the lathe and then turned with just my hands, my eyes and my gouges and calipers to ensure precise work.  After turning and finely sanding, I oil and wax each pin twice before a final buffing with a soft cloth gives it the warm glow that our products have become known for.

My pieces truly are works of art, each unique in the perfect imperfection that skilled hands and fine materials produce.  From my heart and hands to yours, I hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoy crafting them.


Marcus Reid

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  • Sue

    Your rolling pins are gorgeous! In time I’d love to get one. I am very glad to have seen these on Studio 5 today! Your relative using her beautiful rolling pin to roll out her fondant. I love the bee hive rolling pin!! How much would that one cost?


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